Raise your hand if you've ever done the work to meet a vision of yourself/life and it felt like: 

  • It was too big of a responsibility or it would take more work
  • No matter how much work and awareness you have, it feels like you’re only scratching at the surface of what’s possible for you. 
  • Unsure if that’s ever what you’re meant to be doing. 

What if you didn’t lead with your visions…And instead lead with the wisdom of your Heart. 


Coaches always say “ What’s your vision?” or “ Lead with the vision”

I am not a coach. I am an oracle and guide.

And what I discovered is that, when people lead with making “their vision happen,” they either freeze, flee, or achieve but feel empty.

So, what if instead of leading with your vision, you lead with your Self.

What if by learning how to lead yourself, fulfilling a vision becomes a side effect.


What if the true gift is you, coming home to yourself. 

And this is exactly what I help my clients with and in the spirit of being of support to you in integrating transformative experiences into your day to day life. 

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SHE: Who leads her life

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