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Artist, Poet & Transformational Guide

Paola Ucelo is a Guatemalan multidisciplinary artist, Oracle and Guide of embodiment and transformation. Through her initiation in multiple eastern and Earth-based traditions, she integrates the most effective concepts, and healing modalities such as somatic therapy, breathwork, embodied movement, rituals, and shamanic  teachings to create containers of transformation 

Offering people tools and perspective shifts to design a life in alignment with their highest vision.  

Her work is not just in you feeling empowered but about seeing the results in your everyday life. 

Whether it’s through her life changing 1:1 & group transformational containers, art, creative projects and in person experiences - Paola’s work is an offering of love and service to the empowerment of our collective and has already impacted hundreds of women all over the world.


 Paola's 1:1 coaching container is a customized life changing experience that guides you through the threshold of where you've been and where you are going with radical trust, embodied wisdom and fierce empowerment in your next level of your expression.

Limited spots only. 

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**This journey is not exclusive to those who identify as SHE - This work is for those who feel the call. 


"My life has changed in so many beautiful ways since working with Paola. I have felt a radical sense of expansion and liberation since the beginning of our journey together. I feel so much more connected to my true essence. I feel more alive and powerful than I have in years. I am able to love and honor myself in ways that I previously never thought were possible."

Arielle D'Angelo
LGBTQ+ Self-Love Coach & Founder of an LGBTQ+ Personal Development Company

"The tools that Paola shares and the way in which she holds space have been pillars in achieving daily goals. My 6 months with Paola laid the foundation for bringing to fruition the next goals of my life. Take a leap of faith. silence your ego and follow your heart. If you're serious about shedding old behaviors/patterns and desire to self actualize and step into your power, then you are in the right place with Paola. "

Phanie Mixelle
Herbal Nutritionist & Founder of Apothecary for the People

"The trust I have built within myself and rewriting my narrative has changed me as a person, my foundation, my habits, self-image and my behavior in so many ways. This work turned out to be the biggest and most radical transformation and improvement of my entire being. "

Amanda Gravesen
Artist & Entrepreneur

"I feel much more empowered, open and trusting in myself and my actions. My choices overall are in alignment with my souls deepest desires. The days and weeks fluctuate, but overall I feel that immense growth has transpired."

Corrie Novak
Massage therapist, Cacao steward & Musician



A container of empowerment, guidance and inspiration to transform wounds and dark places 

into embodied wisdom and sacred spaces. 

This podcast includes readings of passages and deep dives into rites of passage

with visionary leaders and others who have gone through transformative experiences 

that empowered and shaped them into who they are today.


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